Some of My Favorite Places on the Web
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Come see our stuffed animals, plastic animals, and other animal collectibles
that help save endangered species.
Buy handcrafts from people who live on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Locate thousands of great artworks in collections around the world

Bzz Bags
Help save our planet, one bag at a time

Web Museum, Paris
Many artists, large images, history
Links to galleries and paintings

Art Renewal Center
" . . . the largest on-line Museum on the internet . . . " Academic art
in the classical realist tradition. Modern Pre-Raphaelites and their influences.
Check out the works of Jean-Léon Gérôme.
A great way to search the Web. This one weeds out a lot of the trash.

Tapir's Choice Animal Sites
Because there are a lot of very good animal sites out there!

Andy's page ~ Art 101
What can I say? My talented friend. . . .

A journey: Mayan ruins, realization of vision; "people and places through a traveler's eye"

Jimmie Spheeris Memorial Gallery
A tribute made in fond memory

Duey Brothers Custom Home Building, Bend, Oregon
These are friends of ours who build beautiful earth-friendly homes in one of Oregon's truly beautiful locations!

The Weather Underground
Instant weather reports by city, state, country or zip code.
I love the photos from around the world - up-to-the-minute views of almost anywhere. You can even add your own.

The Stright Dope
Cecil Adams. Don't I remember him from the early days of Rolling Stone?
The truth in one of its weirder forms.

The New York Times on the Web
More news than in the local paper
They have lots of books

Who cares what everyone else is reading? CRreAte Your Own Newspaper!

The On-line Books Page
Find your way to hours of free reading!

Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology
Just read it!

Dave Barry
Funny. Very funny.

Perseus Project Homepage
Almost everything about ancient Greece

The Library of Congress Homepage
Lots of good stuff
Learn Math and HAVE FUN DOING IT! What a concept!
Games, puzzles and books with a personalized touch!

The Original Web Prophecy Page
Go ahead, ask anything! Tarot, biorhythms, stichomancy, runes, I Ching. . . .
The last time I checked this site, it was loading poorly. I'll leave it up and check later. Can be fun.

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