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The Tapir Gallery ~ Tapir Preservation Fund

The Tapir Gallery ~ Tapir Preservation Fund
Tapir Preservation Fund (About)
Tapir and Friends Animal Store
About Tapirs (Our Information Page)

        Focus on Baird's Tapir
        Focus on the Mountain Tapir
        Focus on the Lowland Tapir
        Focus on the Asian Tapir

Especially for Students (Information Links)
Stanley ~ The Tapir that Got It All Started
When Stanley K. Tapir Met the Great Jerry Garcia
Mona ~ A Baird's Tapir
Photo and Picture Use
Supported Conservation Projects
Tapirs in Pictures
About Us: Tapir Preservation Fund
Tapir Science, Conservation, and Medicine
Tapir Community

        Tapirs in Zoos and Parks
        The Tenacious Tapirs
        Other Tapirs on the Web: Tapir Sounds, Webcams, and Sites
        "Tapir Talk" E-Mail List
        "The Tapir Gallery Update" E-Mail List
        Tapir's Choice Animal Sites: Other Animals on the Web
        The Tapir Gallery ~ Reciprocal Links

IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group
Books about Tapirs
Copyright and Use Statement
The Tapir Gallery Blog

Tapir and Friends Animal Store

Tapir and Friends Animal Store

        Find A - Z

        3-D Animal Puzzles
        Animal Jewelry - Aluminum
        Animal Jewelry - Hand-painted
        Anteater, Armadillo, Aardvark, Sloth, Pangolin, and Other Gifts
        Aquatic Creature Gifts
        Aquatic Mammal Gifts
        Badgers, Bats, Beavers, and More Gifts
        Bear and Panda Gifts
        Bird Gifts
        Cat Gifts
        Dinosaur Gifts
        Elephant Gifts
        Extinct Animal Gifts
        Fish and Shark Gifts
        Hoofed Animal Gifts
        Insect, Spider, and Scorpion Gifts
        Made in Colombia
        Marsupial Gifts
        Peeper Keeper Animal Eyeglass Holders
        Primate Gifts
        Reptile and Amphibian Gifts
        Rodent Gifts
        Tapir Gifts
        Ty Beanie Babies
        Wolf and Fox Gifts

        Gift Shop Information and Policies
        Latex Soft Play Realistic Animals
        Tapir and Friends Gift Shop Blog

Hudson/Joy Family Project

Hudson/Joy Home Page
Published Material

Journey of Wandering Paths ~
a non-linear trip through art, time, and dreams

Journey of Wandering Paths - Beginning Page
List of All Pages in the Journey

Images / Photos


My Other Web Sites

TPF's CafePress Store
Clothing and other goodies featuring tapirs - help support tapir conservation
Sheryl Todd's Personal Blog
My own forum for thoughts and photos
Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo
A picture a day from a North Coast gem! Member of City Daily Photo
The Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF) Blog
Pictures and comments about tapirs and TPF
The Animal Store Blog
Stuff about our online stores - new and featured products and more
TAPIRS Google Group
A tapir discussion group - come and participate!
My Picasa Web Albums
Many subjects and locations!
My Photos on Panoramio
Many subjects and locations!

Sue's Motives Cosmetics Web Site
Sue is my bussiness partner

Offsite Links Pages on Our Site

Some of Sheryl's Favorite Links
Tapir's Choice Animal Sites
The Tapir Gallery ~ Reciprocal Links

Your purchase of
stuffed animals, plastic animals,
and other toys and gifts from
Tapir and Friends Wildlife World
helps preserve endangered species
and their rainforest habitats.

All tapirs are endangered species.
Saving tapirs helps save the rainforest.

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