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A capybara in South Africa

Photo by Marlene Spies, October 1996

Isn't the Web wonderful? This JPEG photo was originally sent from South Africa by Marlene Spies (later updated to color and re-sent by her friend John Burke in England). Probably an unusual animal to find in an African zoo or reserve, the capybara is a South American rodent - the largest on earth. (Compare it with the size of the kids!) Marlene and family visited Cango Wildlife Ranch at Oudtshoorn, "where they also have crocodiles and other big cats. There we saw the capybara and our kids went in to pet him." The photo shows Marlene's two sons, "Jaco (7) and Theo (6), petting the capy, while the game warden feeds him a lettuce leaf."

Thanks, Marlene, for this neat picture, and for helping make the world a little smaller and friendlier!

You can see more of the Spies family's adventures with animals in South Africa on this page.

John Burke also sent this neat photo . . .

of capybaras in a row!

If you wonder what capybaras are doing in a Tapir Gallery, check the "Entire Engraving" link below.

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