The Tapir Gallery was not the first tapir website on the Internet. It was the second.
The first site was made by a student named Jamie Collins a few months before
Sheryl Todd created her home for tapirs on the web in 1996.
The Internet was so new that even Wikipedia would not be born for five more years.

The Tapir Gallery started with this famous face and grew to a resource of
over 600 pages linked to by names such as Encyclopedia Britannica.
From this site, the Tapir Preservation Fund evolved and donated almost
$100,000 to tapir conservation projects in 19 years.
But times change. The Tapir Gallery became a real gallery,
and the Tapir Preservation Fund has a beautiful new home.

These original pages remain online as a testament to our history, and because
you can still find interesting things among the trails of their sometimes-outdated words.

Please visit our new web site!

Baird's tapir on the Tapir Gallery Web Site - click to learn more about Baird's tapirs
Baird's tapir
Mountain tapir on the Tapir Gallery Web Site - click to learn more about mountain tapirs
Mountain tapir
Asian tapir on the Tapir Gallery Web Site - click to learn more about Asian (or Malayan) tapirs
Asian tapir
Lowland tapir on the Tapir Gallery Web Site - click to learn more about lowland (or Brazilian) tapirs
Lowland tapir

The Tapir Gallery ~
The Tapir Preservation Fund

The Tapir Gallery, the official web site of the Tapir Preservation Fund,
has been online with tapir conservation since 1996 ~ Welcome!

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Four species of tapir inhabit the planet today.
All of them are endangered.

About Tapirs

Lowland or Brazilian tapir in dog-sit position - Tapir Preservation Fund - About Tapirs

Donations and

Moving a tapir in Merida, Venezuela at Chorros de Milla Zoo - a mate was bred in captivity and brought from the Caracas Zoo with funding provided by the Tapir Preservation Fund's Club Tapir program

About Us:
Tapir Preservation

TPF logo

Club Tapir: Vote to Save Tapirs!

Club Tapir Logo by Denis Torres. For each $10.00 you donate, you can vote for a tapir conservation project.
Each $10.00 you give is a vote for a tapir conservation project.

TPF Blog

Stanley K. Tapir's baby, Melon - Houston Zoo.
What's new? What have we been working on?

Our Store

Tapir and Friends Wildlife Gift Shop supports tapir conservation. Pictured here is our resin baby mountain tapir from Colombia.
A treasure trove of special gifts that help save tapirs.

Stanley and Mona Tapir

Sheryl with Mona Tapir


Woodcut of a Malay tapir

Tapirs in

Painting by Sheryl Todd

Make a

Baird's tapir at the Yokohama Zoo - Used by The Tapir Gallery Web Site with permission of the zoo

E-mail Lists

Tapir Preservation Fund and Tapir Gallery E-mail List Sign-Up Page

Especially for

An informational link especially for students - Drawing of baby mountain tapir by Robert A. Wilson

The Heidi Frohring
Memorial Fund

Heidi Frohring with a new baby tapir at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, USA. Photo by Rana Bayrakci

Tapir Science,
and Medicine

Patricia Medici examines a lowland tapir's foot

Tapir Specialist Group

IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group
This off-site link is the official Web site of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group


Tapir Community Page - Tenacious Tapirs Flag Football Team

and Media

The source for tapir literature on and off the Web. The tapir shown here is Mona.

Copyright and
Use Statement

Copyright and Use Statement Link - The picture shows Pijiguao the tapir and a duck at Chorros de Milla Zoo in Merida, Venezuela, by Denis Torres

"A large animal needs a large area.
If you protect that area, you're also protecting
thousands of other plants and animals."

            ~ George Schaller

Your purchase of
stuffed animals, plastic animals,
and other toys and gifts from
Tapir and Friends Animal Store
helps preserve endangered tapir species
and their habitats

All tapirs are endangered species
Saving tapirs helps save the rainforest

The Tapir Gallery opened March 15, 1996.

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